A tantalizing teppan tour…

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure and joy of dining at my favorite teppanyaki restaurant named Ichibiri, and my was it a feast both for the eyes and my now-humbled stomach.  For those of you who don’t know what teppanyaki is, it’s a Japanese method of combining dining with entertainment.  8 guests sit around an elevated table-top grill, called a teppan grill, and watch as their veggies, rice, meat, and fish are grilled to perfection by a sometimes dangerous, though always exciting chef.

Since the teppanyaki experience is so photogenic, I thought I would keep this post brief and cut right to the good stuff: the photos.  Above is a photo of the classic onion-ring-volcano, and trust me there are quite a few more golden shots where that came from.

You can find the full photo tour of the visually compelling experience in my photo gallery, or by clicking here.  Enjoy!

Mark posted this on July 26, 2008 and is filed under Pics and Videos.

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