All those restaurants…

Today, dearest loyal readers, you bear witness to the commencement of my newest ambitious endeavor: cataloging every restaurant I have ever visited.  Yes, the list will grow long and unruly, and yes, it is both excessive and perhaps unnecessary, but I see it both as a way to share my broader adventures that I’m unable to write in detail about with you, as well as for my own memory, or lack thereof.

In my initial list, you can find all restaurants I’ve traveled to as of today going back about five years in four convenient geographic locations: Orange County, New York, Providence, and France.  I’m only listing restaurants where the average bill per person amounts to more than $15 per person, because there’s no way I’m listing all the In-’n-Outs and Wahoo’s I’ve been to.  Sorry.  Also, I hereby charge you readers with a solemn duty: if you’ve been to a restaurant with me that is not listed, you must notify me in a comment post-haste and forthwith!

You can find the list in the navigation bar as a new page named “Restaurants” at the top of next to Photos, or you can click here to be brought there directly.  Enjoy!

Mark posted this on July 28, 2008 and is filed under Manningham's Jabs.

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