Julian’s – oh, the ketchup!

Julian's318 Broadway
Providence, RI 02909

I went to Julian’s for breakfast this morning, and what a pleasant surprise it was! This won’t be a full review, mostly because I only had one course (though it was quite the delicious omelet), but I did want to write down my thoughts on it for anyone interested in a good breakfast/brunch in Providence. Most importantly, they make their own ketchup, and I think we all know why that’s interesting…

Walking into Julian’s was like walking into a Barnum & Baileys circus while tripping on acid. Colors were everywhere, the paintings were wild, and the tables were made out of a million different trinkets staring up at me whilst I enjoyed my delectables. I loved it. As an approximation of their style, check out these sweet retro toy boxers to the left–that’s what they’re all about (the image is from their website). The atmosphere was fun without being too crazy, and the wait staff weren’t climbing the walls or anything, so I at least felt grounded in some sort of reality.

The menu was great–both in selection and presentation. Just as a sample, the names of the omelets varied from “Thee Weeping Toreador” (avocado, tomato, black beans, and pepper jack–SO good!), to “Da Buccaneer” (smoked salmon, boursin, red onion, and capers), to “Tha Jedi Mind Trick” (spinach, mushrooms, grilled onions, and swiss). Everything looked and sounded amazing, and the taste definitely delivered. I should also point out that Julian’s has an extensive selection of vegan / vegetarian menu items too, so those feeling disappointed by Brickway’s selection should check out their menu online.


The omelet I had was great, as were the toast and home fries, but the real question was whether their homemade ketchup was up to snuff. They serve it in a squeeze bottle along with Heinz, but the flavors are worlds apart. When I asked about the ingredients, they claimed that their ketchup was “all natural” (whatever that means, she dodged my question of organic), and that they make it in large batches periodically. It tasted spicy, with a surprising robustness and heartiness that I didn’t expect to accompany its very thin texture. For those who attended the Ketchup Tasting party, it was most similar to #999, but with a bit of the spiciness of #32. It was more tangy and vinegary than anything, though, and in some ways, it tasted like barbecue sauce with extra tomatoes. I would give it a 6/10. It was good, but it was no Sir Kensington’s.

Julian’s also serves lunch and dinner, which I’m sure are equally delicious as my brunch. If you’re simply looking for a great breakfast alternative to Brickway’s or just a different take on drugged-out interior design, wildly-named food, and a rainbow-explosion of colors, definitely check out Julian’s–I’ll be going back for sure.

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