Wonderful surprise in Peer Gynt

Last night, I went to see Brown’s newest main stage play entitled Peer Gynt (pronounced “pair gint”), written by Henrik Ibsen. The play was originally written as a dramatic poem and was meant to be entirely unstageable–a complete break from traditional play performances. As such, the abridged version of the play that I attended was 3 hours long and contained two intermissions.

At the outset of the second hour, the audience was greeted with a wonderful surprise: our own hors d’Å“uvre (pictured below)!

It was an over-sized whole wheat cracker topped with a generous helping of goat cheese and finished with a fresh olive. The cracker was crisp, the cheese was fresh, mild, and aromatic, and the olive was superb. The colors were all quite fetching as well–almost a rainbow of savory delight. In all, I would give this mid-act respite an 8/10. I should also note that these hors d’Å“uvres were accompanied by small glasses of sparkling cider, the perfect complement to this hearty snack. During those tragically swift three bites, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The play was good too.

Mark posted this on March 7, 2008 and is filed under Providence, Restaurants.

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