My Meals and Thoughts for 2008-04-02

  • I think I’m going to start tweeting about every meal I eat #
  • Just finished eating a toasted sandwich with Ezekiel bread, smoked turkey, fresh Brie, and hummus with cracked black pepper. Delicious! #
  • ype of apple. #
  • Breakfast: Green’s natural energy bar and an organic gala apple. What do people have against bars? They’re great in a pinch. And gala … #
  • Mmm, mini mart coffee…when did the small shoot from 75 cents to $1? What is this, Sir Kensington’s coffee? #
  • Lunch: whole wheat bread with grilled chicken, hummus, tabuli, mozzarella, fresh basil, and cucumber, with a small cup of lentil soup. … #
  • Just topped off some fresh homemade guacamole– fresh cilantro is so key. #
  • Yerba Mate is some phenomenal tea. #

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