Indulgence? It’s a-okay!

I’m reading a book now called The Black Swan that discusses the surprising importance of the highly improbable, and there is an interesting quotation about food that preaches a good way to think about your consumption habits:

Look at how many calories you consume per year–if you are classified as human, close to eight hundred thousand calories.  No single day, not even Thanksgiving at your great-aunt’s, will represent a large share of that.  Even if you tried to kill yourself by eating, that day’s calories would not seriously affect your yearly consumption.

Hear that?  Any single instance of indulgence is negligible, so go ahead and dig in!  Seriously, though, I like this quotation because it puts into perspective the types of meals we (well, not really me) all worry about.  Yes, that 13-course monstrosity in Bordeaux was terrible on my stomach and liver, but even in the medium-run of the next 6 months, it’s nothing to worry about at all.  Just keep this sage advice in mind next time you’re wondering whether to get that molten dark chocolate lava cake or not…

Mark posted this on July 1, 2008 and is filed under Quips n' Tips.

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