Chocolate chip delight

What’s better than a warm, fresh chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven?  Pretty much nothing.  Even that picture above is making me salivate.  The cover story of today’s New York Times Dining section is all about chocolate chip cookies, and I wanted to share it with you loyal readers because it’s incredibly detailed and mouth-wateringly appetizing.  Here are some excerpts:

Too bad sainthood is not generally conferred on bakers, for there is one who is a possible candidate for canonization. She fulfills most of the requirements: (1) She’s dead. (2) She demonstrated heroic virtue. (3) Cults have been formed around her work. (4) Her invention is considered by many to be a miracle. The woman: Ruth Graves Wakefield. Her contribution to the world: the chocolate chip cookie.

Ain’t that the truth.  Here’s another one:

At 36 hours [of letting the dough sit before baking], the dough was significantly drier than the 12-hour batch; it crumbled a bit when poked but held together well when shaped. These cookies baked up the most evenly and were a deeper shade of brown than their predecessors. Surprisingly, they had an even richer, more sophisticated taste, with stronger toffee hints and a definite brown sugar presence. At an informal tasting, made up of a panel of self-described chipper fanatics, these mature cookies won, hands down.

As you can see, this article delves into everything from the historical to the practical.  It sounds like they’re tasting wine!  If only I could be invited to a chocolate chip cookie tasting…someday.  Anyway, check out the article if you’re interested (linked to below), it really is a worthwhile read.

Also, if you have any particularly or uniquely delightful chocolate chip cookie recipes, or if you think that fresh chocolate chip cookies are NOT the best dessert in existence and have a better idea, then please leave a comment.

[Via the New York Times]

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  1. Chocolate chip oatmeal peanut butter cookies. To die for. I found the recipe online so I’m sure you could do the same, but regardless of the combination or portions you can’t go wrong with those ingredients!

  2. That’s kind of a lot of things in a single cookie isn’t it? Maybe I’m just too much of a purist, but a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie is hard enough to perfect as it is, I can’t imagine how much could go wrong with that smorgasbord of ingredients…

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