Hummus – The Rap Video

First off, if you’re reading this through an email update and you haven’t read my post from yesterday yet, please read that first.  It’s all about my super exciting new photo gallery feature that you can see on the site here.  Also, for those of you who miss my literary adventures into the dark world of restaurants, I apologize for the lack of new updates on that front and I promise they’re coming soon.  In the meantime, I will try to entertain you as best I can.

Now, onto the important stuff.  If you know me at all, you know that I love hummus probably more than is reasonably (or normal).  It’s just so creamy, tasty, and versatile, how can you not love it?  Similarly, how can you not love a rap video about hummus?  You can’t.  So with great pleasure I share with you this hummus rap video, and with equal enjoyment I can tell you that I found this video on a blog that’s devoted entirely to hummus coverage!  Don’t ask me how I found it, I just did.   Enjoy.

[Via The Hummus Blog]

Mark posted this on July 10, 2008 and is filed under Pics and Videos.

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