Cucumber + WaterCucumber + Water 2

So I went to lunch once this past summer with a colleague from Goldman Sachs, and though he didn’t go to Brown, he was indeed a veteran of classiness. We sat down outside at a very casual lunch place, and it was unbelievably and uncomfortably hot. Sweat was dripping all over the place, and it was almost like we could oil fight right then and there.

When the waitress brought our two glasses of ice water, my companion, ever the gentleman, immediately snapped at the waitress to take the water away. “What would you like instead?” she said, to which he replied, “Bring me a tall glass of iced mineral water with a thin slice of cucumber.” … “What?” she said in stuttering disbelief (unsurprisingly the same emotion I felt). “Do you have cucumbers here or not?”, “Yes, of course, I’ll be right back.”

He told me that he was in Hawaii once and they served him water with cucumber in it, and now that’s the only way he drinks his water. Here’s a man with principles, and I like it.

Mark posted this on February 15, 2008 and is filed under Quips n' Tips.

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