Food à la Belt

This past weekend I visited the Charbonnel et Walker chocolate cafe in Saks on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and my what an experience it was. Like any chocolate cafe, they serve a delectable range of goodies such as brownies, cakes, hot chocolate, and hand-made truffles. Here’s the kicker, though: there is no paper menu, and instead all the food streams by you on a conveyor belt whilst you sit at the bar. Here are some pictures I took:

{choco} Chocolate {choco} Chocolate 2{choco} Chocolate 3

This is a fairly common way to dine in sushi restaurants, both in Asia and throughout America, but it’s rare to see anything else strolling around on conveyor belts. Why is that? I don’t understand it, and here are three reasons I think conveyor belt dining needs to catch on:

  1. It’s quick — Sit down, grab your food, and start eating. No hassle, no fuss, just food.
  2. It’s better than using a menu — You can actually see your food before eating it, so you know what you’re getting.
  3. It’s fun — Grabbing food off of a conveyor belt makes me feel like I’m in an arcade in some weird way, and who doesn’t like arcades?

I hope I see conveyor belt dining take off after this post, because I do believe my influence has reached that level. Here are some pictures of sushi conveyor belt dining, which is what I’ve seen before:

Sushi 1 Sushi 3Sushi 2

If you’ve been to any restaurants other than a chocolate cafe or sushi that use conveyor belts, definitely leave a comment because I would love to hear about them.

One more piece of sweet media for you after the jump: an adorable video of why “revolving sushi” is awesome.

In reality, it’s just the music that’s adorable here, but see how fun conveyor belts can be?

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