A fascinating conversation with David Chang

No, I didn’t actually talk to David Chang myself, but Charlie Rose did.  Below is a video of his hour-long, in-depth interview with Chang that talks about everything from why he doesn’t believe he’s anything special to how he quit golfing because of Tiger Woods.

I’ve written about David Chang before in the context of his uniquely egalitarian reservation system for his white-hot new restaurant in New York named Momofuku Ko.  He’s definitely an integral part of this young, popular, and inspiringly different New York chef crowd, and hearing about his life’s adventures was telling to say the least.  At 56 minutes, this is a long interview, but if you’re at all interested in restaurants, cuisine, or even golf, it’s certainly worth watching.

[Via Serious Eats]

Mark posted this on July 23, 2008 and is filed under Pics and Videos.

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