My Card

Oh, dear loyal readers, are you in for a treat!  With great joy (and a slight tingling feeling), I proudly present to you my business card for Black Napkin:

Have you ever been in a situation where, without warning, you suddenly found yourself needing a knife, fork, and/or spoon?  We all have, trust me.  Well, that’s where my business card comes in: it serves as a handy-dandy emergency break-out dining set for those awkward moments where you’ve left your wherewithal at the door, along with your utensils.

The card design was obviously and greatly inspired by the lock picking cards of Kevin Mitnick and Melvin, so I thank them for their impressive original designs.  The card is constructed from 200mm thick stainless steel and was designed and printed by Plasma Design.

You can see the card on its original Flickr page here.

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  1. Nice! Cleverly practical, practically elegant.

  2. oh lord.
    i want one, how much?

  3. This card doesn’t just look good, it feels good too.

  4. Jess, would you expect anything less?

    Colin, for you, anything. $20.

    Paul, be careful how you handle it, the edges and the knife are actually surprisingly sharp.

    And before anyone asks, yes you can take this on a plane, I’ve done it. Just don’t call attention to yourself.

  5. Nice card – clean with minimal text. I hope you’ll reconsider the white text/black background for your blog entries though. I know your site is “Black Napkin” – hence the black background – but it’s killing my eyes. I read through your Per Se entry last week and thoroughly enjoyed it, but was dizzy by the end. I came across this article today which made me think of your site:

    Either way, keep up the good blogging.

  6. is it really 200mm thick? surely it has to be thinner than that? what are the over all domensions, is it regular business card sized?

  7. I’m not actually sure if it’s exactly 200mm thick–I was told it was by the manufacturer, and it seems about right. It has the same dimensions of a regular business card, but is probably 2-4 times the thickness of a paper card, so 200mm sounds right to me.

  8. I like the card it’s great. I’m a collector of business cards. How can I obtain one of them for my collection.

  9. Love the idea its awesome. The fact your card is utilizable is a huge bonus and guarantees that people wont throw it away! 10/10!

  10. Hello, the cards are actually 200 microns thick and there are 1000 microns to a millimeter. The cards do feel a lot thicker though as they are stainless steel.

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  12. Wow, someone’s a Kevin Mitnick fan. Your business card is exactly like his except instead of lock picks you have utensils…

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